How We Work

Get used to effective marketing produced on time and within budget.

We work with clients on a project or retainer basis. Either way, we’re on your schedule. For a single project, or enlisting EJW to serve as your de facto marketing department, we can augment your in-house resources. And, by the way, expect to receive professional marketing results for less.

Do you know where you’re going? What to do next? We are the right advertising agency to produce your next marketing project. Not sure of your marketing direction? Your messaging? Your market positioning? We can help you, too, make the right choices.

LOOK. LISTEN. LEARN. Real work begins where the rubber meets the road – after a project has been defined with expectations outlined. SUCCESSFUL project outcomes come from successful relationships. Add valuable input from fully involved stakeholders from your own ranks and you have our recipe for maximum return on marketing investment.

Preliminary ideas are turned into reality with a schedule that might follow a sequence of: informal discussions, napkin sketches, storyboards, copy drafts, comps (comprehensive layouts), proofs and prototypes.

Can we help you? – Learn how easy it is to add EJW marketing services to your team call 770-664-9322, or complete our CONTACT FORM with your marketing challenge.